Stump & Root Removal

Tree stumps of any size can be removed cleanly and efficiently using our specialist tree stump grinding equipment. The tree stump is ground down normally to a depth of between 6" to 10" below ground level, however a depth of up to approximately 20" can be achieved depending on your requirements. The resulting hole is then back-filled using the grindings and the excess is piled on top of the hole.

Limited Access Areas:

Restrictions are a thing of the past with an Alpine Magnum stump grinder. Limited access can be problematic where normal stump grinders are simply too big to gain access. However, the Alpine Magnum stump grinder can be carried through a house or garage and can grind up to a depth of 20 inches.

Stump removal in limited access area.

Stump Removal with Alpine Grinder

Result achieved after removal.

After stump removal

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